To the editor

I want to call attention to a problem that has beenn bothering me. I am a future computer programmer and an x software pirate. My question is this. Why does software cost so much?

If I wanted to, and wasn’t afraid of getting caught and put in jail, I could take any software application and reproduce it a couple of billion times and give it to all my friends. This, of course, is illegal. However, if you see what I’m getting at, maybe I should anyway. Why? Because software commpanies are charging too much.

It seems amazing to me to see books which take incredible talent and time to write going for $5 a copy, then to turn around and see software priced for hundreds and thousands of dollars a copy.

Software can be copied for free on any computer. Why are we struggling to compete with Japan — because we waste our resources. If software companies would wake up and realize that sofware is a product in which the demand can never exceed the supply (if you market it right), then maybe our economy would turn around.

In remembrance of
John Galt”

Now this was something I was thinking about when I was in community college when I was about 18 and now I am 56. Since then we have went though windows,and software has dropped considerably. Apps are mostly free with only special versions costing money with special features. Most internet services are supported by advertising and comercial sales. There are all kinds of free ware and open source software. Linux is free to download and use and there are versions of it that can be loaded as an app on windows and run opensource linux programs on them.

So what is my point. I think I might have an ideas for the next 30 years. And so do you.

Here is one that I have been thinking a lot about working on lately.

I am really bugged about the cost and unreliability of the internet. All that has to happen is one wire goes out, and 20000 customers loose everything. No phone, no tv, no themostats, no security systems, no medical devices. Sure they make some backups for some of these, but nothing long term, and even short term is spotty. And when it happens for just an hour or two you feel like your arms got cut off. And then there is the cost of the services, and the limitations built in. Where is the power of the home network that we were promised so many years ago?

I know how to take older machines and resurrect them, put windows 10 on them and make them run like they were new for most purposes. Then you could put a computer in every room in your house. If you put a good wireless router in you home that had a decent range — not like comcast’s, that can’t reach your neighbor’s house. You could network all your computers, and network with all your neighbor’s houses without internet access at every house.

You could share connections to the internet if you wanted to, or just not use the internet at all, and use local area internets.

You could put comcast and direct tv out of business. They deserve it for putting the prices though the roof on us for so long and coluding with each other to keep their profits high.

And the advantage would be that you would have to take everyone out to take down the net. Also opresive goverments and mega business would probably have a harder time locking down their citizens and controling the money supply like they are trying to do now. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust them.

So many systems are getting currupted. We have to do something before it is way too late, if it isn’t too late already. We are destroying our enviornment with planned obsolesence and claiming it is because of litter.

They problem is economic, not phisical. It would be totally easy to upgrade computers, phones, cars, almost everything, if we would only know how to do it economically. But how do you have a business unless you can sell more of what you are selling.

What I didn’t understand when I was 20 is that once you make a billion copies, you have no money to make any more, or make updates, if you give it all away for free. But my church gives away church gospel library apps with all the scriptures and books for church for free as an app for anyone who wants to download them, no adds or anything. I guess preaching the gospel is an ad. But how wonderful it is to give 13+ million people 100s of electronic books for free complete with study tools built right in. I guess 13 million don’t have phones, but more and more are getting them every day.

I guess cell phones are pretty much my idea already aren’t they. They are mini computers with wireless networks built in, connected to the internet, and they can share networks with other networks when they travel between networks using wi-fi. So their technology is pretty much already here. Maybe just in an older form. Downloading HDTV requires more bandwidth and power than youtube. So maybe the whole point is that to use youtube and internet old technology to get past cable and comcast. But they are keeping us from home networking. That is very powerful.