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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

By Gary Gustafson and Michael Travier

Prologue – Darkness Falls

“And the earth was without form, and void; and I caused darkness to come up upon the face of the deep; and my Spirit moved upon the face of the water; for I am God.”

Moses 2:2

Pearl of Great Price

In the depths of space there came a mighty void, and the face of God was upon it. And out of the space God created a world. He shaped and formed the world as it is, but it was shaped of the ether, and was in the form of a world, but it was spirit.

And the Lord shaped and divided it, the light from the darkness, and created land the sea. He created all that is living, the animals the plants, and the souls of men.

And when he had finished creating the spirit of the world, he moved it through space, and entered it into the body of the planet he also had created, floating through space, and gave life to its soul.

And there were many worlds created. And God gave them all life. And he planted the seeds of life in them, and they grew, and prospered and filled the planets with life of all kinds. And he gave life to the people on the worlds he created, and he created them after the likeness of the Gods. And granted unto men the ability to choose for themselves.

And God talked to them and walked with them, and they knew Him and His Son. And God loved them, for they were his children, even the spirit children of God.

And the great serpent was allowed to tempt them, and to try them, and men were given to know good and evil, and to choose for themselves. And the serpent deceived the children of God and brought upon all people the fear of the night. And the tail of the serpent drew the spirits of those who rebelled against God, and they were cast out.

Ad the veil was drawn over the worlds, and men forgot that they were the Sons of God.

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“You can’t do this to me! I have rights!” David shouted.

“Not with us, you don’t,” Issiah replied calmly. “We’re not the police or CIA. Orion operates outside of government jurisdiction.”

“Orion? What is that, some kind of mercenary group?” David asked suspiciously.

“We’re a covert alliance of citizens from around the world, privately funded,” Issiah explained. “We break laws when necessary, for the greater good. But we have honor – we don’t target innocents. And we have connections to ensure justice is upheld.”

David scoffed in disbelief. “Yeah, well Al Capone thought he was a good guy too. When you ignore laws, you undermine freedom.”

Viktor shook his head patiently. “Does a drug dealer who kills with impunity know freedom? What about his victims? Laws have become too complex. Instead of using wisdom and conscience to judge right from wrong, we hide behind legalese that lets evil thrive.”

He continued, “Remember when God gave the Jews rules not to travel on the Sabbath? Later they asked, what if we walk to church? So they decided how many steps they could take from home before ‘breaking’ the Sabbath. They corrupted the intent completely.”

“That’s what modern courts do. More laws, less justice. Loopholes for the wicked and persecution for the righteous. Orion rejects that. We keep the spirit of the law alive.”

David pondered Issaih’s words. He saw truth in them, though accepting Orion’s vigilante methods would take an open mind. In this chaotic world, could justice thrive when bound by ever more tangled laws? Issaih seemed to think Orion could walk the razor’s edge between order and morality. David wondered if he could convince them to walk in the light instead of the shadows.