by Vick Gruenler

It was a rainy Friday night. Vince Revett was in a hospital..
He was dying of covid-19. He was now on life support.

His power of attorney told the doctors to turn off the machine.
Vince later died in one night.
So Vince had been dead a week ….
Now Vince’s friend Harriet who was 52 years old, inherited
6 million dollars from Vince’s estate. ,,,,
That’s when the story began!

Vince died at 12am that night. And his friends inherited a house.
It was secluded by the mountains in Colorado,,,
So three friends and a girlfriend of Vince went to the house,,,
They thought the house was creepy but didn’t know the evil there,,,
The friends were in the living room throwing away some of Vince’s
property and found pentagrams on books and necklaces…
One friend said, “Hey ,,,whats this? I never knew Vince
was into this stuff….”

Next thing, a door slammed,,by itself! They yelled
in fear..

Opened Door With Bright Light

Then a table was knocked over! The friends
and girlfriend screamed!!!!

Dee screamed,”It’s the devil! Run,,,”
because they saw a shadow of a tall man!!

…..then Vince showed himself in a mirror.

DEE yelled, “Its Vince! He came back!!!”

Vince whispered, “Don’t worry my love… I am
only here for one of you,”

So the frightened Harriet ,,,,cowered in total fear!
“What do you want Vince?,,please don’t kill me!”

“You tell them the truth! You only killed me for
the money!”

Harriet yelled “What do you want?”

Vince yelled in a electric kinda voice…
“You tell Dee I want her to keep my house
…and give her the money ,,6 million dollars of it!”

Dee made her sign over the money with Vince there
posing a horrible threat to Harriet’s life.
So Harriet ran out of the house.

Dee felt scared and started to cry,,,
“I miss you so much,” she yelled…

Vince said ,,”I will never leave you now.
Stay here…and ill be gone for a while,,,
But I will always be with you!”

Dee went outside and saw snow,,
She walked with her boots ..

Vince walked beside her..
He showed her his footprints..
As they walked on the lawn,…

Then he was gone. Vince said before he
Was gone…”I’ll always love you…”
And Dee cried..

But he said, “Don’t cry…”
And showed her a vision of a beautiful city
…and said, “It’s the city of the dead.”

“Ill be there until you pass ,,then together
we will be, live, and try to be happy..
Ill watch over you forever.”

So that was the week Vince came back,
But he had to return to the afterlife,
After his revenge against Harriet.

So until we meet again.