Something is just not right.

Daniel looked down at his Shrimp suspiciously.  Yes, I eat the food, when I am home, and I know what is in it, the guard at the elevator had said.  What could be in it?  I wonder, Daniel thought?

Daniel walked down the corridor late in the evening.  He passed by the crew, they stopped and stared at him.  Then suddenly they stopped what they were doing and crouched down. What where they doing?  Daniel couldn’t believe his eyes!

Daniel needed to take his medicine.

**Coming soon, the incredible tale of a young man’s journey on an innocent trip to Ensenada, a city in Baha California off the west coast of Mexico, on a cruise ship with his family.  But something strange is going on, on the ship, or is it?  The Story is inspired by my real-life trip, and time on a ship, in Mexico. Actual pictures from the ship and trip are used right in the story.